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MRI.TOOLS GmbH builds on more than 20 years of experience in MRI science and industry, maintaining close and intense collaboration with our national and international academic partners. With its products MRI.TOOLS GmbH aims to answer the growing needs of the modern global medical industry as well as those of modern academic, preclinical and clinical research.


The mission of MRI.TOOLS GmbH is to meet the needs of medical and biomedical imaging in particular. For this purpose MRI.TOOLS GmbH has developed a portfolio of innovative hardware and novel technology for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) but also for other medical imaging modalities. MRI.TOOLS GmbH is an excellent partner for specific training and consulting in the field of medical imaging (e.g. certification of medical devices under the Medical Devices Act and MRI-user training as well as basic hands-on coil building training).


From our portfolio: RF antennae (coils) for clinical and preclinical MRI; we provide solutions for all magnetic field strengths used for human and animal imaging. We custom design RF coils that suit to your exact needs and specifications. MRI Accessories – useful tools as well as customer tuned accessories to speed up your research. We offer services and consultancy relating to medical imaging and medical devices for up to 9.4T, including product certification, MR safety, MR pulse sequence design and much more.

MRI of the human Heart at 7.0T

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