MRI Accessories

Universal TX/RX Interfaces

Don’t despair if you don’t have an MR scanner equipped with a parallel transmit array, it does not have to impede your research. Our universal and compact TX/RX interfaces combined with our power splitters are designed to solve this dilemma. Please contact us with your desired frequency and number of channels so we can create your solution.


Coil interface Test-Box

The multi-function Coil Box will help you solve many problems that you might have when designing or evaluation RF coil arrays. You can plug in both commercial and home built coils to control the coil performance, switch the PIN diodes on and off, read the coil code, and much more. Specific questions and wishes on this device are more than welcome.

Power Splitters

Our standard and compact power splitters in combination with our Universal Interfaces allow for you to set up any scanning configuration you might require. The reduced size and modularity lets you take advantage of the reduced patient table space without compromising imaging quality. Let us know the configuration of your needs and we'll get back to you with a dedicated solution.  

A triggering/gating device for MRI and other biomedical imaging techniques, its acoustic triggering technology has proven to deliver superior results than those of ECG and POX. For more information click here.