EasyACT – a triggering/gating device

The EasyACT will greatly ease your workflow for triggering and gating of MRI and other biomedical imaging techniques, and can be employed at any field strength. It is based on non-invasive detection of acoustic signals induced by cardiac activity and surprises one with the ease of its use and reliability. The EasyACT‘s efficacy has been proven in several clinical studies to date. It is MR safe and in full compliance with regulations for medical devices as well as having been CE certified.

MRI scan of a heart with cardiac gating


logomakr_00bhei (1) Free from interferences with electromagnetic fields

logomakr_00bhei (1) Free from artifacts caused by ECG electrodes and wires

logomakr_00bhei (1) Suitable for all MRI, CT and PET scanners

logomakr_00bhei (1) Supports prospective and retrospective triggering/gating

logomakr_00bhei (1) Signal originates directly from the heart

logomakr_00bhei (1) Excellent patient comfort and no risk of patient burns

logomakr_00bhei (1) Ease of use and simplicity of patient preparation

logomakr_00bhei (1) Plug`n play installation and shorter preparation time

ECG, pulse oximetry and acoustic trigger signal traces acquired at three different field strengths